Congratulate Your Friends & Loved Ones With a Sentimental Retirement Gift from EFYTAL

Reaching retirement is a phenomenal feat worthy of celebration. Sometimes, retirement gift ideas include things catered to the retirees’ hobbies and interests. But you may want sentimental retirement gifts to show your admiration and support to coworkers, friends, and loved ones as they embark on this new journey beyond their careers. At EFYTAL, our outstanding selection of jewelry is sure to please, with touching messages and signature packing.

Retirement Gifts for Him

Retirement for the men in our life can be a bittersweet moment. Many of them have worked in their careers for decades, and now, they are saying goodbye to something that was a big part of their identity. The Boone men’s compass necklace, from our retirement collection, would be an excellent option for retirement gifts for him!


The high-quality 925 Sterling Silver compass pendant is inspired by the pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, who is best known for exploring the area that became the state of Kentucky. The pendant can come on a 20-inch long Sterling Silver ball chain that could be upgraded to a 22-inch chain if needed. We could also put it on a 46-inch long tan, dark brown, or grey leather cord to be wrapped around twice. This retirement gift for a friend or loved one will have a great reminder of the fantastic adventure that awaits beyond working toward career accomplishments.

Many hardworking partners, fathers, uncles, or loved ones may have difficulty adjusting to retirement. They may find it difficult to accept that resting and doing other activities besides working is still productive. Sentimental retirement gifts like the Balance 25mm necklace may be what they need to help them during this adjustment period. This necklace is made from our high-quality 925 Sterling Silver and features a pendant slightly larger than a quarter with unique linework on a 20-inch ball chain. The newly-retired man will be inspired to enjoy more of his free time beyond achieving his career aspirations, with the inspirational quote from Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie, known for creating the story of Peter Pan, included in the packaging.

Retirement Gifts for Her

If your aunt, grandma, mom, wife, coworker, or close friend has worked in healthcare, the military, law enforcement, or as a firefighter, our Bravery 18mm necklace is the ideal gift to commemorate her selfless work ethic. This beautiful piece is a part of our 925 Sterling Silver Linear collection and features an 18mm pendant of a sunset on a chain that can adjust between 16 and 18 inches. She can wear this necklace as a reminder of the immense sacrifices she made throughout her career, saving countless lives and contributing to the health and wellness of her community.


The Brenda butterfly necklace is terrific for sentimental retirement gifts for friends, coworkers, partners, or loved ones with humorous wisdom. This elegant 925 Sterling Silver necklace features a lovely butterfly pendant that measures half an inch across a tiny-yet-durable chain with a delightful quote on the packaging that will give her a chuckle when she opens it.

If you know a woman who is retiring and interested in the world of astrology and history, our Valerie infinity snake necklace will make a fabulous addition to her jewelry collection. This necklace features an ouroboros pendant made of textured high-quality 925 Sterling Silver on a chain that can adjust between 15.5 and 16.5 inches, making it a perfect length for layering with longer necklaces. The ouroboros is a symbol from ancient history representing the unity of all things, renewal, and health. This stunning and unique necklace can serve as a great reminder of all the new adventures and blessings that can come in during the new chapter of her life in retirement.

Find Meaningful Retirement Gifts at EFYTAL

Not only do we offer high-quality jewelry with heartfelt messages, but we also include everything that you need to create a beautifully-presented gift at no extra cost! At EFYTAL, all orders come with an EFYTAL jewelry box, tissue paper, a gift bag, a mini notecard and envelope, a SilverSaver©️ bag, and a polishing cloth. Additionally, the jewelry is shipped in protective packaging to prevent tarnishing and tangling while in transit. You can add your own message on the notecard to give your present that extra personalized touch that your loved one will appreciate. If you need to modify the jewelry or have any questions, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly. We are always happy to hear from our customers!