Setting Healthy Expectations for the New Year

The New Year can be an overwhelming time for many. We find it beneficial to hit the pause button every now and then to allow time to process, reset, and recommit to the things in life that bring us peace and joy. We created the Linear collection to serve as a reminder of the importance of clarifying intentions and being mindful of our priorities. Our pieces representing balance, bravery, faith, hope, optimism, and persistence make beautiful reminders of our most powerful intentions, the ones we will continue to set day after day, year after year. 

  1. Persistence - Take time to reflect on your accomplishments from 2022. Focus not only on things that are tangible but also spaces of personal growth that can be difficult to quantify. Did you work on listening more and speaking less, or on being more empathetic to those around you? It can be therapeutic to write these accomplishments down! After you see everything on paper, you’ll likely be amazed by how much you accomplished and how much persistence you demonstrated throughout the year.

  2. Bravery - After you’ve written your list and celebrated your wins, you can see if there are any areas from 2022 that you missed out on. What could you have improved in the last year? It takes courage to self-reflect and examine your shortcomings, but it’s always worth doing because this is where life-altering growth comes from. It’s brave and important to acknowledge where we’ve fallen short. 

  3. Hope - Are there any new goals you have for 2023? When describing your new goals, it can be helpful to use positive language wherever possible. If you want to do less of an activity, imagine what you might have time to do instead. For example, if you want to watch less T.V., what would you spend that extra time doing? Providing yourself with an alternate activity (like “I want to read 3 books per month”) gives you a concrete plan for what to do with your time. Having these plans for yourself can help them seem more manageable, and allow you to remain hopeful that these goals will become your reality!

  4. Faith - Identifying the things in life that fulfill you can help counteract the unavoidable stresses of everyday life. These can be small rituals that help us feel secure, like a daily exercise routine, reciting a prayer or affirmative statements, or simply enjoying a cup of tea and checking-in with a dear friend. They can also be things we do on a weekly or monthly basis, like spending time in nature to recharge our batteries, practicing our chosen faith with other members of our communities, or volunteering with an organization we feel passionately about. Once you identify the activities that are most fulfilling to you, you’ll be able to be more deliberate about including them in your routine.
  5. Balance - Reevaluation of resolutions does not have to be an exclusively annual activity! This is often what limits us from accomplishing our goals. It’s actually beneficial to check in with your resolutions multiple times throughout the year - reframe, reword, and refresh them in order maintain balance and to keep setting yourself up for success. Checking in with your resolutions throughout the year and making small adjustments where necessary can help you be conscious of the ways you’re changing and what areas you’d still like to improve. 

  6. Optimism - Give yourself grace, not only during the transition into the new year, but all year long. Improvements, especially big ones, don’t happen overnight, and setbacks are normal. Continuing to show up for yourself, even when you don’t feel like everything is going perfectly, is the key to persevering through difficult situations. When you give yourself room to make mistakes without self-judgment or negativity, you’ll be amazed by how free you are to make progress towards your goals!

Cheers to a beautiful and balanced new year!