Shop Our Favorite Sterling Silver Jewelry This Holiday Season

Sterling Silver has recently seen a steady rise in popularity as the prices of gold have skyrocketed. It is a terrific choice of metal for jewelry for people of all ages and skin tones. Sterling silver can be worn with many different styles and can help bring together looks and confidence for every occasion!

Finding meaningful and impactful gifts for your loved ones can be a stressful undertaking, especially as prices are rising for goods all over the board in recent years. At EFYTAL, we want to help you provide sentimental keepsake gifts to express your love and gratitude for your loved ones. We only use 925 Sterling Silver that does not contain nickel to ensure that our silver products are high-quality, hypoallergenic, and versatile. Our Sterling Silver jewelry for the holidays is a fantastic option for stunning gifts that won't break your budget.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Options

As the popularity of sterling silver for jewelry is rising nationally, our selection of sterling silver holiday jewelry at EFYTAL is also growing. We want to provide our customers with excellent gift options this upcoming holiday season.

Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

At EFYTAL, we recognize that faith is a huge part of the holiday season and the lives of many families and loved ones. That is why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of Sterling Silver Christian jewelry for those looking to keep the Christ in Christmas during the holiday season. 

sterling silver linear cross pendant on leather cord for him

The Matching Faith necklace sterling silver set from EFYTAL is the perfect holiday jewelry gift for couples who want to commemorate their love for each other and Christ. With our unique and stylish Linear cross pendant, high-quality materials, and an inspirational Gospel message, this his and hers set is sure to please and provide a beautiful physical representation of their commitment to each other and their faith.

If a Christian girl or woman in your life has been through some trials and tribulations recently, our Avery adorned sterling silver side cross necklace is an elegant addition to her arsenal of steadfast faith. With a curved Sterling Silver cross covered in cubic zirconia gems and an encouraging message in the box, this can remind her of the light of Christ within her guiding her through life when light hits the necklace just right.

dainty sterling silver and CZ cross necklace on young girl

The Bethany petite CZ cross necklace is a brilliant choice of jewelry for the holidays if you have any young daughters, cousins, or nieces starting to step into their faith. This necklace features six small cubic zirconia stones set in Sterling Silver in the shape of a cross on an 18" small-yet-strong chain. This classically gorgeous necklace can serve as daily inspiration for budding faith.

For Spanish-Speaking Christian Family and Friends

Our Noah sterling silver side cross necklace is a stunning addition to any Spanish-Speaking Christian woman's jewelry collection with a durable-yet-delicate paper clip style chain and shiny sideways cross. With the included Spanish bible verse, she is sure to appreciate this symbol of her powerful faith.

Hispanoparlante friends and family that are Catholic or may prefer more understated Christian symbolism would highly appreciate the Debra balanced strength necklace. The upside-down triangle pendant can represent the Holy Trinity. It can also symbolize the patience, faithfulness, and joy Christ calls us to live with daily. Either way, this simple-yet-elegant necklace makes for some impactful jewelry for the holidays.

Sterling Silver Gifts for Him

If you have an important man in your life, be it a father, uncle, brother, partner, etc., and they enjoy wearing jewelry, EFYTAL has a first-rate selection of Sterling Silver jewelry for men!

For those in a long-distance relationship, the Boone & Nellie compass necklace set or the Journey & Boone compass necklace set can serve as fantastic gifts this holiday season. For example, suppose you or your spouse are in the military, and one of you is deployed overseas and won't be home for the holidays. In that case, these Sterling Silver gifts can serve as daily reminders of the enduring love you have for one another that physical distance can never diminish. The Nellie necklace features a 15mm textured compass pendant with a studded edge design on a 16"- 18" dainty yet durable chain. The Journey necklace is virtually the same, except that the compass pendant is 10mm and does not have a studded edge. Inspired by the explorer and pioneer Daniel Boone, the Boone necklace's design features a 20mm compass pendant on a ball chain that can be either 20" or 22" long.

For those looking for a gift to share their admiration and appreciation for their fathers, our optimism necklace should be on your list of Sterling Silver gifts for him. This necklace is a part of our extensive Linear design collection and features a 25mm circular sterling silver necklace on a 20" or 22" chain. With our unique and heartfelt message in the box, your father is sure to feel recognized and loved whenever he opens the package.

If your husband prefers bracelets over necklaces, consider EFYTAL's Constance feather cord bracelet set with a three-quarter-inch Sterling Silver feather pendant and adjustable cord. Like two birds of a feather, you and your partner can wear these bracelets as a physical representation of your intimate connection.

Whether you are in the market for stocking stuffers or magnificent and sentimental jewelry for the holidays, EFYTAL's selection of Sterling Silver has what you need. We are standing by to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns or want to let us know how much you love our jewelry.