What is the best chain length?

There can be quite a few answers to the question of chain length! The style and length of chain that you choose will affect both the appearance and the wearability of your piece, and having an understanding of how different chain lengths look on you can help you maximize your jewelry wardrobe. Plus, changing up the chain on an old piece is a great way to make it feel completely new and exciting to wear. 

When you’re selecting a chain length, you should take two primary factors into consideration: 

  1. Where you want the necklace to fall on your body, and
  2. Your body type.

Most people can comfortably wear a variety of chain lengths, so we encourage you to choose chain length based on the look that you prefer. We created an image guide illustrating approximately where each chain length falls, but remember, everyone’s body is different, so there will always be some variation. 

14 - 15 inches is perfect for children, or for very petite people who want their necklace to fit close to the neck (like a choker). 

16 inches is fairly short - it’s well suited for a petite person or for someone who wants their necklace to lay close to their clavicle. If you’re planning to stack necklaces, this necklace length is nice to use as the shortest layer.

18 inches is our standard length and works well for a variety of body types. On most wearers, this chain will fall a few inches below the clavicle. This length is a great midpoint, perfect for everyday wear and for pieces you never want to take off. Many of our pieces come with 18 inch chains, because they look great on everyone! 

A shorter chain worn closer to the neckline creates a youthful feel and is great for showcasing small, dainty pendants, while a longer chain works well with a chunkier pendants or when paired with high-necked clothing. But the best part of jewelry is that there are no rules- don’t be afraid to play around to find looks that you love!

 How do I order a specific length of chain?  What if I order the wrong length?

We always denote a necklace’s length in its product description. If you know you need a different chain length than the one that’s listed, feel free to reach out to us at CustomerLove@EFYTAL.com to let us know so that we can arrange that for you! We’re always excited to help (and don’t worry about having to wait- we respond really fast)!  

For added length, there are two options: 

  1. You can add two inches of extra chain. You can do this more than once, to create a chain that is 20”, 22”, etc. This added length is not removable: you will receive a fixed chain of your requested length. 
  1. We offer these super versatile removable 2” necklace extenders - you can add or remove these at will by clipping them on to the clasp of your necklace. You can even link multiple extenders together to add as much length as you want to your pieces. We always keep a few of these on hand to spice up our personal jewelry collections. 

If you receive your necklace and you’re unhappy with the length, we can always make adjustments to your necklace - you can read more about this process on our FAQ page. And of course, you can always reach is via email: CustomerLove@EFYTAL.com