10 More Tips For the Perfect Layered Look

By Efy Tal of Efy Tal Jewelry

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Layering necklaces is all about creativity and showing your own style. There are so many different options from keeping it simple and dainty to bold and long. To help you out here are some of my favorite elements and handy trade tips! 

1) Try Horizontal:

A horizontal piece is aesthetically pleasing and adds balance, I love incorporating one whenever possible. Adding a horizontal bar is also a good way to add something personal with a nameplate or engraved bar.


2. Add Texture:

Different texture pieces like beads, stones, and sparkle can help add visual interest to your look. It’s also a good way to break up the metal pieces.


3. Be Colorful:

Don’t be afraid of color! I love me some greens and blues but if corals and browns are more your thing than make sure to incorporate YOU into the look. Adding in some colored beads can take your layered look to the next level.  


4. Remember to Sparkle:

If shine and sparkles are your thing make sure to incorporate that into your personal layered look. Sparkly bling is a great way to incorporate your personality and make sure everyone knows how much you shine! 


5. Go Vertical:

Try adding something vertical to your layering set. Playing with directional pieces is a fun easy way to try something new. Don’t forget that a long vertical piece also helps to elongate your look.


6. Dare to Mix and Match: Layering necklaces is a good way to mix up your favorite pieces. I dare you to try pairing your favorite gold necklace with your favorite silver! Try pairing modern and vintage, dainty and bold or minimalist and tribal. You might just find you have a new favorite look!


7. But I Always Wear My...

Still hesitant to try layering because you always wear that one special piece? Don’t be afraid to layer that sentimental necklace you received as a gift with a longer vertical piece. Or combine the necklace with your kids' initials with a beaded colorful piece. If you wear a dainty religious symbol you could add a horizontal bar and a longer drop pendant for a bolder more playful look. Do you have a favorite Zen/yoga piece, a special push gift, solitaire diamond, or anniversary present you never take off? Try layering them with other necklaces for a whole new look. The possibilities are endless! Adding a personal piece to your layering set is actually my favorite way to make the composition feel personal too.


8. Ready to Layer?

When starting to layer your necklaces remember to think about length. For starters lay all your necklaces out to compare the lengths of each piece. Even better, hanging them on different hooks will not only help your compare lengths but also see how the different necklaces will look together when hanging on your neck.

Unless you're really tiny, your shortest necklace should be 16".  If you're very petite and you like the choker look you can get away with 14" for your shortest necklace.   Remember:  Every 2" of additional chain length will drop the pendant on your chest by 1 inch.


9. My Favorite Trick

If a lot of your necklaces are the same length using an extender like this one can help make each necklace a different length. An extender can also help keep your necklace from tangling around your neck throughout the day. Just hook each of your necklace clasps onto the extender to create one necklace. This will also keep your necklaces from spinning around your neck throughout the day. Have a necklace that’s too long? I’ve been known to use a safety pin to shorten necklaces; you should give it a try!


10. Be Inspired

Inspiration is everywhere. Try looking to a friend or a celeb you love for ideas. Pinterest and instagram are also great places to look. Don’t be shy, start experimenting! If you're stuck try looking in your jewelry box, I'm sure you'll find necklaces you forgot about that will make great layered looks! I’d suggest no more than three necklaces at a time. Remember to have fun and express yourself!  

Click here to see more ideas of two and three necklace layered sets!


<3 Efy


Want to look great? Get more styling tips here: (it's free!)

Elephants, Owls, Dolphins and Doves! Oh My!

Did you know that animals possess many characteristics and qualities? Many of which symbolize wisdom and power. The deeper your connection gets with a certain animal, the more the meaning will become clear. Each animal is beautiful it it's own distinct way. 


If you love those beautiful dolphins you might see on a tropical vacation or in the summertime.. maybe it's because of their protective, playful and inner strength. Representing protection, a pod of dolphins once herded a pod of whales that hauled up in New Zealand back into the sea, saving the whales' lives. Through this one incident, dolphins have thus been known as protectors teaching us to save others as well as ourselves. Maybe you love dolphins because they remind people that we have to keep playing and remember what it means to be a child.



The elephant represents determination, loyalty, sensitivity and social connection. If you love elephants, it may be because you are one to stand up for other people, always wanting to defend. Maybe you love elephants because you are very fulfilling of personal responsibility. If you ever dream of elephants, it may mean that you are ready to face any challenges that are coming your way.


Owl - 

You might love owls if you find yourself to be a night person. The owl is an animal of the night and very attentive and alert. Owls also represent wisdom dating back to Ancient Greece when Athena (goddess of learning) had an owl as a symbol. The owl also symbolizes mystery, intelligence, protection and is a keeper of secrets.

Dove - 
Dove's are actually considered a symbol of motherhood because they produce their own milk. The dove symbolizes love, grace, devotion and purification. The dove also represents peace, comforting us at rough times. People sometimes release doves on their wedding day symbolizing hope.


10 ways nurturing my jewelry business is like nurturing my child

Lia and Mommy!

1. There are no days off when running a business and raising Lia. I clocked in for good when I began Efy Tal Jewelry and Lia was born and there’s no clock out button – I love it!

2. Both make me a better person - Everyday I'm faced with decisions reagarding the kind of business I want to uphold for my customers and the kind of mother I want to be for Lia.

3. I'm constantly full of doubt and second-guessing if I'm doing the right things for Lia and for my business. Every action leaves a mark on her future and an imprint on my business 


4. I nurture the village that's raising my business and child - I take care of employees so that they take care of my business. Likewise, I nurture Lia's caregivers so they nurture her.

5. People give me advice all the time regarding my jewelry and my baby but at the end of the day I'm on my own. Nobody but myself is responsible for the consequences of either of my babies.

6. At any given time, there's always a feeling of uncertainty like I didn't do enough or get through everything I had originally planned to do. That's a huge part of owning a business and being a mother that I have come to accept. 


7. Decision making is a big one. On a daily basis I'm making decisions for Lia and my jewelry that I am not totally sure of but I must make a decision and move on to the next one. I am always evaluating and improving upon those results to better Lia and better myself.

8.There is always a part of a job that I've underestimated. Lia sometimes takes longer to finish a meal after tantrums that I planned for. With my business, at times I underestimate how long it will take to complete an order.

9. I'm almost always reading a book for my business, reading a book to Lia or taking notes on a course. Through learning myself, my employees and Lia are also all learning as well.

10. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mother to Lia and running my own business. They are both my babies and I will do anything for them.


Having something that is truly your own is the most meaningful thing in life.

Who makes Efy Tal Jewelry possible?

If it weren’t for my employees, Efy Tal Jewelry would just be Efy Tal. I teach them everything I know so that they treat my business as their own. I can go on and on about them but I’m sure you’d much rather here what they have to say!
And now a word from the employees...
Hi I'm CJ Zoccali and I have been working at Efy Tal Jewelry for almost a year. When I was doing my undergrad work in Biology and my Masters work in Forensics and Criminal Justice I never thought I would be working for a Jewelry Designer. Yet this has been such a fun experience! There is so much good energy in the studio, it is just a great place to come to work! I enjoy creating my own edgy creations at home with polymer clay and industrial pieces. I love all things crafty and can always be found creating something, be it in a laboratory or in a design studio! When I am not delving into DIY projects I can be found basking in the world of technology and video games.

Hi! My name is Susan Teplinsky and I just recently started working for Efy Tal Jewelry and I love it! Come the fall, I’ll be a junior studying finance at Rutgers University. I have a passion for Latin dance and have been competing and taking lessons since I was 4 years old. I’m also really into fitness, healthy eating and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. In the summer, you can find me at the beach and in the winter at my dance studio! Well, that’s a little bit about me!
My name is Mike Horne and if you need to call us about anything, there’s a good chance that the melodic baritone answering your call is me.  I grew up in a family of musicians and trained in classical ballet for six years before getting a degree in history and political science from Rutgers University.  I enjoy running, rollerblading, and following the news like most people follow sports or television shows, but given my background in the arts, I’m not surprised that making pieces for Efy Tal Jewelry is as rewarding as it has been.
Hey! My name is Karol Boka! I started working for Efy Tal Jewelry about 3 months ago and it's been awesome! I love photography and creativity! I'm Venezuelan and moved to the United States in 2010. I love listening to music and reading. My entire family is still in Venezuela and I have a younger brother who is 28.
I count on my employees to help my business strive to success each and every day. They are amazing at what they do and I am so thankful to have them by my side.
<3 Efy

5 Things You Didn't Know About Efy Tal Jewelry!

Have you ever wondered...



Q: Why Efy Tal Jewelry doesn't have SALES and special offers during and around the holidays? 

A: My employees tend to take off around the holidays leaving us understaffed to package all your goodies! It's so hard to keep up with the demand of the holiday season without sacrificing the quality of your favorite jewelry! We make sure that every order is fulfilled and shipped out on time! I've always wondered how businesses cope with a spike in orders without additional staff.


Q: What it's like to run a business out of my house?

A: Running my business out of my house is actually great! My favorite thing about it is that I can pop in and check out a piece of jewelry or an order and run back to Lia! I don't have to schedule a chunk of time designated for questions since I'm always around. I usually work on designing while Lia's napping, playing or even in the evening! I structure my entire business so that I can raise Lia and especially make time for those playdates that she loves!  The employees hear everything that's going on in the house, and they are super gracious about it.


Q: What it's like raising a toddler while running my own business?

A: The little lady Lia is buddies with all the employees. CJ babysits her when I'm not around and she loves Mike! If you come into work and don't say hello to Lia, you'll be hearing from her the whole day!  Lia has never known a life without a bunch of people at her house at all times.  But it's a constant juggling act.  I task switch between Lia and the studio all day and effortlessly now I'd like to think.  Sometimes she has to wait, sometimes the employees have to wait, but everyone gets their needs met.


Q: About my employees and what they mean to me? 

A: A little bit about my employees? They're basically my right hands! With time and experience, all of my employees eventually learn all the tricks of the trade from dealing with stores to customer service and from managing the website to online shops and making jewelry.  My goal is to have each person wear many different hats because we're always having to shift what we're working on.  Teaching them different skills and letting them experiment with different techniques and aspects of the business is the best investment in them.


Q: What happens when the day is over but there are orders to make and package?

A: The workload doesn't end when the work day does. My customers keep me busy and I love every minute of the work I do. It is such a satisfying feeling to know I've made at least one customer happy! I appreciate so much that everyone is willing to stay late and come in on weekends when needed. Mondays and Tuesdays are our heaviest days with orders piling up from the weekend, and those to tend to be hectic and super busy. Everyone is in hyper focus. As the week passes we start to catch up on orders and we start to relax and have more fun.  But the most important thing is that everyone's order goes out on time and everyone is super happy with their new goodies!



Efy <3

Did you know the stones I use in my jewelry have unique properties?

What do you know about gemstones? Gemstones are minerals that are cut and polished for beautiful jewelry. Each one has unique properties that it adopts overtime. Take a look at some of the stones that I use; maybe you're even wearing one of them right now!

Chrysophrase - Chrysophrase allows you to embrace your happiness, prosperity and good fortune. You can find Chrysophrase in Queensland, Western Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Arizona, California and Brazil.

Amethyst- Amethyst calms your spirit and provides you with peace and healing. It originated from Ancient Greek and literally translates to “not intoxicated” as it would protect its owner from getting too drunk.


Citrine - Citrine clears negative energy and enables success. It is a type of quartz and originates from Latin citrine meaning “yellow”. Citrine can sometimes be found with amethyst in the same crystal known as ametrine.

Turquoise- Turquoise protects its wearer from any kind of unsettling energy and is known for its personal connection to its wearer, its power and its friendship. Dated to the 16th century, turquoise was originally brought to Europe from the mines in Turkey. 

Peridot – Peridot releases compassion and decreases stress levels leaving its wearer feeling more and more weightless. Peridot only comes in one color, unlike most other gemstones. It gets its color from the quantity of iron in the crystal structure.

Pearl -The pearl restores your faith and allows you to embrace your inner purity. Pearls take their color from the inside of the shell they grow in- this is why some pearls range from white to gold and others from purple to black.

So next time you wear a stone, take a minute to admire it. Maybe the jewelry you've been wearing for weeks or even months has been protecting you, calming you and restoring you all along. Maybe you've just always loved how gorgeous the stone on your favorite necklace was and never really wondered if it had a deeper meaning.



<3 Efy

Ready to go bold with silver AND gold?

My jewelry is full of all silver and all gold pieces but there's something about two tone that I really love! It just fits on any day with any outfit and always looks so good! Why should we have to pick one when we can have the best of both worlds, right? Each of these pieces gives you just the right amount of silver and gold to leave you feeling classy and fabulous! Be sure to match them with your silver OR gold jewelry pieces and show off how beautiful you look to the world! Take a look at a few of my favorites below!

 Check out these pieces...

Pair up these Two Tone Silver and Gold Tribal Disc Earrings with a matching silver or gold necklace and you’ve got a matching set of your favorite jewelry pieces! Couple the set with a flowy sundress or a tight black dress and get ready to feel beautiful!

Love the beach? Wear a part of the beach everyday with this lovely Two Tone Silver and Gold Starfish Necklace! Perfect for the summer months and winter months where you can show off your love for the beach, starfish or simply beautiful two-tone pieces!

Take the Infinity anywhere you’d like to go! The Two Tone Interlocking Circles in Hammered Sterling Silver and Gold Filled necklace is a perfect piece to embellish any outfit just the right amount to appear stylish and classy! It'll look perfect with a nice pair of dress pants and a blouse, maybe a new necklace for work? Hmm...

If you love rose gold, then this is the beauty for you! The Two Tone Silver and Rose Gold Elephant Tribal Necklace will lie elegantly against a beautiful blouse and colorful shorts or even a maxi skirt with a cute shirt!

Do you love animals? This two tone tribal owl is cute and fashionable! This would look super cute with a nice blouse and jeans, giving your outfit the extra pop!


Do you love these pieces as much as I do? Whenever I'm unsure of what piece of jewelry to wear to match my outfit, I know that I can never go wrong with two tone!



<3 Efy

If you were a bridesmaid, would you love a gorgeous necklace as a thank you gift?

How many of your closest friends, sisters and sisters at heart do you want in your wedding? Your bridal party will guide you along and help you through all the excitement and commotion of being a bride! After months of planning, dress fittings, cake tasting and florist appointments, you can show your appreciation with my bridal collection!

From sisters to mothers to friends, there's a beautiful necklace just waiting to be worn by your bridal party! Each necklace comes on a personalized card that I designed to fit perfectly with a beautiful piece of jewelry. I place each gift is on a beautiful card, gift wrap it and label it for your special bridesmaid! From the colors to the picture to the writing on the card, I love it all and I hope your bridesmaids do too! This is a great way to show your bridal party how much you love and appreciate everything they do for you with a small and very beautiful token of gratitude!

Gold Initial Necklaces (Set of 4) – You can personalize these necklaces to fit each of your bridesmaids with their initial and favorite stone! Gift these the night before or the day of your wedding and watch your favorite girls fall in love with an all time favorite!

Infinity Necklace (Two-Tone, Silver, Gold) – Who wouldn't love this!! There’s just no better way to extend your love to a friend than the infinity! The possibilities to match these beauties are endless.

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace or Sterling Silver and Pearl Eternity Necklace – You choose your favorite! Your sister(s) or sisters at heart will surely love all of these fabulous necklaces!

Turquoise and Gold Beaded Bar Necklace or Silver Initial Necklace with Blue Quartz  -  Have that one friend who’s basically your right hand? Show your appreciation with these beautiful colors! The turquoise and blue quarts with pearl add that special touch! She's not the only one who's bold :)

Cute Bird Pendant with Birthstone Necklace- What's a cuter necklace for your flower girl? I'll personalize it with her birthstone and she will fall in love with it!

Simple Gold Bar Necklace – You can keep it simple but keep it classy, there’s nothing to not love about my Gold Bar. Wear it alone or layer it up, it’ll always look gorgeous and your girls will adore it!

And that's not all! I have so many more necklaces, bracelets and earrings that you and your bridal party will love!! To my gorgeous brides- you are in for a lifetime of happiness and you will cherish your wedding day forever, congratulations!

Check out the rest of my collection: Bridal Party Collection

<3 Efy

how to ›   styling ›   tips ›  

How To Layer Necklaces - 5 Tricks to Get the Layered Look

Layering necklaces is a very hot trend. I’m sure you’ve seen your friends and a few of your favorite celebs rocking the style. This look is great because it’s so easy to create a personal statement with your favorite pieces! I’ve got a few helpful hints to get you started in creating your own eye-catching layered look.


simple and dainty


or go long


Don’t Get Your Necklaces in a Knot!

Using an extender like this one can help make each necklace the perfect length while keeping everything in order. 

  • It will give you the extra length you need for the longer necklace to hang lower
  • It will help prevent the necklaces from tangling together and
  • It will keep the necklaces from turning around on your neck. 

You simply take the clasp of the extender and hook it through all the ends of your necklaces. Then, take each of the necklace clasps and hook them on to different links on the extender. This turns your layering into one neat ‘necklace’ that stays in place throughout the day!


adjustable removable extender in silver or gold



Measure Up

Hang your pieces on the wall with hooks to take a visual inventory and really see what you’re working with. (Here’s a good example of some hooks here.) That way, you can look at the different lengths, as well as the various bold statement or classically understated necklaces in your jewelry portfolio. This handy chart from Pinterest also helps to put the lengths into perspective for easy layering.



From: www.thinkingcloset.com





Unless you're really tiny, your shortest necklace should be 16".  If you're very petite and you like the choker look you can get away with 14" for your shortest necklace.   Remember:  Every 2" of additional chain length will drop the pendant on your chest by 1 inch.  By the way I've been known to use a safety pin in the back to shorten my top necklace.  Yes it's allowed :)


Start From the Bottom

Though it’s not a requirement, choosing your longest necklace first can help to frame the rest of your look. It may point you in a direction you hadn’t imagined or put a new spin on pieces you haven’t worn in a while. There’s no shame in picking other pieces first, but the longest is the great way to start.


Find Inspiration

You know what they say – good artists borrow, great artists steal! Don’t be ashamed to look for inspiration all around you. Pinterest is a great place to browse for layering ideas, as are sites like this one. :) Here’s one of my personal favorites to get your mojo going:


I almost always try to add color to any grouping. 


Mix and match metals

Who says you can only wear one metal at a time?  Pair your favorite silver necklace with your favorite gold!



Get Funky!

Layering is all about pulling together some of your favorite pieces into a look that says ‘this is my own style’. Trust your judgment, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Some of the most interesting looks I’ve seen mix and match different metals, shapes, colors and stones in very creative ways. Express yourself and, most importantly, have fun! 




Check out some of these pieces from our collection that would work wonderfully layered:



I hope you got some good tips and ideas for how to layer necklaces.  Don't be shy, start experimenting.  I would stick to no more than 3 necklaces at a time.  Remember the most important thing is to have fun and to express yourself!

Please leave a comment, tell me what you think, was this useful for you?


Love these necklaces? Get them here!

Gold Bar

Turquoise Beaded Bar

Silver Wave

Brass Ethopian Cross

Gold Tree of Life

Gold Initial Necklace with stone

Silver Interlocking Circles

Silver Horseshoe Pave Rhinestone

Silver  Hammered Bar

Silver Filigree Hamsa

Tiny Gold Initial

Gold Interlocking Circles

Amazonite and Coral

Brass Tuareg Geometric Pyramid

Removable 2" Extender

Gold Filled Bar Necklace

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How I juggle Raising my Baby with Running My Business

Everybody asks me how I manage to take care of little Lia all day while running a business.  Well it's certainly not easy and if you're a perfectionist you might not be good at this.

I often don't have more than 3-5 minutes of uninterrupted time to do any kind of work (including writing this blog post), so there is a lot of task switching, and having to remember where I left off.  (Studies show that this is bad for your brain, which would explain why my brain has turned into mush).


Here are some of the things that help me:


TO DO LISTS!: - I can't live without these, I maintain several to-do lists at once, and I make all my employees maintain them too.  Without these, things fall through the cracks.  Also, if I have 2 minutes, 15 minutes, or 2 hours to work, I quickly scan through my lists and pick an action item that can be completed in that time. Without these my brain freezes and I don't know what to work on.


I'm Glued to My Phone:  I think it's a bad sign when many times a day Lia grabs my phone out of my hands, and instead of playing with it like other kids, she slams it on the floor.  Yes, I do this, I'm on my phone with customers, employees, suppliers, and so on all day, whether I'm at the gym, or in toddler class with Lia.  I hope you don't do this.


I Use Young Local Mommy's Helpers:  I like having Lia by my side all day, but I also need to get some work done, so a 7th or 8th grader comes to the house every day, and plays with Lia in the studio.  Lia gets 100% attention, they play games and read books, all while being 3-4 feet away from me.  Lia loves her babysitters and I love them too.  Everybody is happy.


I Empower My Employees:  My employees ARE my business, I'm nothing without them.  I invest a lot of time training them, and making them experts in many parts of my business.  I load them up with knowledge, but I also encourage them to make decisions on their own.  I never get upset at them for making a mistake, I love them dearly and take good care of them.  They are the secret to freeing me up to spend time with my daughter, and working on growing my business.


I Let Bad Things Happen: - Like I said, you can't be a perfectionist.  It's simply not possible to get everything right all the time.  If ever we make a mistake with a customer, we usually make it up to them several times over, they end up being so happy and even glad the mistake happened, and we end up getting a customer for life!  Usually any type of mistake usually results in extra shipping costs to get it right.  This is just the cost of doing business, I take this into consideration, but in return I get more time with Lia.  I think it's a good trade off.  Thankfully my employees are very conscientious and treat the business like their own.  So mistakes are very rare.


Lia's Has a Play Area in the Studio: - This way she can engage in independent play while I work, and if she needs me I can easily spend some time with her, and then get back to work.



I've given up on looking good - Pictures say it all! :)




Here is a typical day for us:


7am-9am:  - Breakfast, and I answer emails, and knock off a few short tasks ( make phone calls, pay bills..) from my to do lists, while Lia plays by herself next to me.  Mornings seem to be the best time for independent play.  At 9am my employees come in, and we have a pow wow, I answer questions, and give direction for the day.


9am-10:30am - Lia and mommy have a fun activity- music class, gym class, toddler time, playdates..


10:30-12pm: I go to the gym while Lia is in the gym daycare. 


12pm-2pm:  Make/eat lunch, and check in with my employees.


2pm-4pm: - Lia will nap 45-90 minutes, and I get to work, YEY, FINALLY!!  If she's awake, we play.


4pm-6pm:  Mommy's little helper comes over and plays with Lia.  This is my time to get a good chunk of work done.  Make/design jewelry, work on growing my business.


6pm-7pm:  Play with Lia, try to sneak in a little dinner prep


7pm-8:30pm:  Daddy gets home, and gives Lia a bath while I make dinner.  We eat and put the Little Lady to sleep.


8:30pm-12am:  Watch TV with hubby while working on the laptop or in studio.


and that is how it's done :)


<3 Efy




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