How To Layer Necklaces - 5 Tricks to Get the Layered Look

Layering necklaces is a very hot trend. I’m sure you’ve seen your friends and a few of your favorite celebs rocking the style. This look is great because it’s so easy to create a personal statement with your favorite pieces! I’ve got a few helpful hints to get you started in creating your own eye-catching layered look.


simple and dainty


or go long


Don’t Get Your Necklaces in a Knot!

Using an extender like this one can help make each necklace the perfect length while keeping everything in order. 

  • It will give you the extra length you need for the longer necklace to hang lower
  • It will help prevent the necklaces from tangling together and
  • It will keep the necklaces from turning around on your neck. 

You simply take the clasp of the extender and hook it through all the ends of your necklaces. Then, take each of the necklace clasps and hook them on to different links on the extender. This turns your layering into one neat ‘necklace’ that stays in place throughout the day!


adjustable removable extender in silver or gold



Measure Up

Hang your pieces on the wall with hooks to take a visual inventory and really see what you’re working with. (Here’s a good example of some hooks here.) That way, you can look at the different lengths, as well as the various bold statement or classically understated necklaces in your jewelry portfolio. This handy chart from Pinterest also helps to put the lengths into perspective for easy layering.








Unless you're really tiny, your shortest necklace should be 16".  If you're very petite and you like the choker look you can get away with 14" for your shortest necklace.   Remember:  Every 2" of additional chain length will drop the pendant on your chest by 1 inch.  By the way I've been known to use a safety pin in the back to shorten my top necklace.  Yes it's allowed :)


Start From the Bottom

Though it’s not a requirement, choosing your longest necklace first can help to frame the rest of your look. It may point you in a direction you hadn’t imagined or put a new spin on pieces you haven’t worn in a while. There’s no shame in picking other pieces first, but the longest is the great way to start.


Find Inspiration

You know what they say – good artists borrow, great artists steal! Don’t be ashamed to look for inspiration all around you. Pinterest is a great place to browse for layering ideas, as are sites like this one. :) Here’s one of my personal favorites to get your mojo going:


I almost always try to add color to any grouping. 


Mix and match metals

Who says you can only wear one metal at a time?  Pair your favorite silver necklace with your favorite gold!



Get Funky!

Layering is all about pulling together some of your favorite pieces into a look that says ‘this is my own style’. Trust your judgment, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Some of the most interesting looks I’ve seen mix and match different metals, shapes, colors and stones in very creative ways. Express yourself and, most importantly, have fun! 




Check out some of these pieces from our collection that would work wonderfully layered:



I hope you got some good tips and ideas for how to layer necklaces.  Don't be shy, start experimenting.  I would stick to no more than 3 necklaces at a time.  Remember the most important thing is to have fun and to express yourself!

Please leave a comment, tell me what you think, was this useful for you?


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