5 Things You Didn't Know About Efy Tal Jewelry!

Have you ever wondered...



Q: Why Efy Tal Jewelry doesn't have SALES and special offers during and around the holidays? 

A: My employees tend to take off around the holidays leaving us understaffed to package all your goodies! It's so hard to keep up with the demand of the holiday season without sacrificing the quality of your favorite jewelry! We make sure that every order is fulfilled and shipped out on time! I've always wondered how businesses cope with a spike in orders without additional staff.


Q: What it's like to run a business out of my house?

A: Running my business out of my house is actually great! My favorite thing about it is that I can pop in and check out a piece of jewelry or an order and run back to Lia! I don't have to schedule a chunk of time designated for questions since I'm always around. I usually work on designing while Lia's napping, playing or even in the evening! I structure my entire business so that I can raise Lia and especially make time for those playdates that she loves!  The employees hear everything that's going on in the house, and they are super gracious about it.


Q: What it's like raising a toddler while running my own business?

A: The little lady Lia is buddies with all the employees. CJ babysits her when I'm not around and she loves Mike! If you come into work and don't say hello to Lia, you'll be hearing from her the whole day!  Lia has never known a life without a bunch of people at her house at all times.  But it's a constant juggling act.  I task switch between Lia and the studio all day and effortlessly now I'd like to think.  Sometimes she has to wait, sometimes the employees have to wait, but everyone gets their needs met.


Q: About my employees and what they mean to me? 

A: A little bit about my employees? They're basically my right hands! With time and experience, all of my employees eventually learn all the tricks of the trade from dealing with stores to customer service and from managing the website to online shops and making jewelry.  My goal is to have each person wear many different hats because we're always having to shift what we're working on.  Teaching them different skills and letting them experiment with different techniques and aspects of the business is the best investment in them.


Q: What happens when the day is over but there are orders to make and package?

A: The workload doesn't end when the work day does. My customers keep me busy and I love every minute of the work I do. It is such a satisfying feeling to know I've made at least one customer happy! I appreciate so much that everyone is willing to stay late and come in on weekends when needed. Mondays and Tuesdays are our heaviest days with orders piling up from the weekend, and those to tend to be hectic and super busy. Everyone is in hyper focus. As the week passes we start to catch up on orders and we start to relax and have more fun.  But the most important thing is that everyone's order goes out on time and everyone is super happy with their new goodies!



Efy <3