10 ways nurturing my jewelry business is like nurturing my child

Lia and Mommy!

1. There are no days off when running a business and raising Lia. I clocked in for good when I began Efy Tal Jewelry and Lia was born and there’s no clock out button – I love it!

2. Both make me a better person - Everyday I'm faced with decisions reagarding the kind of business I want to uphold for my customers and the kind of mother I want to be for Lia.

3. I'm constantly full of doubt and second-guessing if I'm doing the right things for Lia and for my business. Every action leaves a mark on her future and an imprint on my business 


4. I nurture the village that's raising my business and child - I take care of employees so that they take care of my business. Likewise, I nurture Lia's caregivers so they nurture her.

5. People give me advice all the time regarding my jewelry and my baby but at the end of the day I'm on my own. Nobody but myself is responsible for the consequences of either of my babies.

6. At any given time, there's always a feeling of uncertainty like I didn't do enough or get through everything I had originally planned to do. That's a huge part of owning a business and being a mother that I have come to accept. 


7. Decision making is a big one. On a daily basis I'm making decisions for Lia and my jewelry that I am not totally sure of but I must make a decision and move on to the next one. I am always evaluating and improving upon those results to better Lia and better myself.

8.There is always a part of a job that I've underestimated. Lia sometimes takes longer to finish a meal after tantrums that I planned for. With my business, at times I underestimate how long it will take to complete an order.

9. I'm almost always reading a book for my business, reading a book to Lia or taking notes on a course. Through learning myself, my employees and Lia are also all learning as well.

10. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mother to Lia and running my own business. They are both my babies and I will do anything for them.


Having something that is truly your own is the most meaningful thing in life.