10 More Tips For the Perfect Layered Look

By Efy Tal of Efy Tal Jewelry

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Layering necklaces is all about creativity and showing your own style. There are so many different options from keeping it simple and dainty to bold and long. To help you out here are some of my favorite elements and handy trade tips! 

1) Try Horizontal:

A horizontal piece is aesthetically pleasing and adds balance, I love incorporating one whenever possible. Adding a horizontal bar is also a good way to add something personal with a nameplate or engraved bar.


2. Add Texture:

Different texture pieces like beads, stones, and sparkle can help add visual interest to your look. It’s also a good way to break up the metal pieces.


3. Be Colorful:

Don’t be afraid of color! I love me some greens and blues but if corals and browns are more your thing than make sure to incorporate YOU into the look. Adding in some colored beads can take your layered look to the next level.  


4. Remember to Sparkle:

If shine and sparkles are your thing make sure to incorporate that into your personal layered look. Sparkly bling is a great way to incorporate your personality and make sure everyone knows how much you shine! 


5. Go Vertical:

Try adding something vertical to your layering set. Playing with directional pieces is a fun easy way to try something new. Don’t forget that a long vertical piece also helps to elongate your look.


6. Dare to Mix and Match: Layering necklaces is a good way to mix up your favorite pieces. I dare you to try pairing your favorite gold necklace with your favorite silver! Try pairing modern and vintage, dainty and bold or minimalist and tribal. You might just find you have a new favorite look!


7. But I Always Wear My...

Still hesitant to try layering because you always wear that one special piece? Don’t be afraid to layer that sentimental necklace you received as a gift with a longer vertical piece. Or combine the necklace with your kids' initials with a beaded colorful piece. If you wear a dainty religious symbol you could add a horizontal bar and a longer drop pendant for a bolder more playful look. Do you have a favorite Zen/yoga piece, a special push gift, solitaire diamond, or anniversary present you never take off? Try layering them with other necklaces for a whole new look. The possibilities are endless! Adding a personal piece to your layering set is actually my favorite way to make the composition feel personal too.


8. Ready to Layer?

When starting to layer your necklaces remember to think about length. For starters lay all your necklaces out to compare the lengths of each piece. Even better, hanging them on different hooks will not only help your compare lengths but also see how the different necklaces will look together when hanging on your neck.

Unless you're really tiny, your shortest necklace should be 16".  If you're very petite and you like the choker look you can get away with 14" for your shortest necklace.   Remember:  Every 2" of additional chain length will drop the pendant on your chest by 1 inch.


9. My Favorite Trick

If a lot of your necklaces are the same length using an extender like this one can help make each necklace a different length. An extender can also help keep your necklace from tangling around your neck throughout the day. Just hook each of your necklace clasps onto the extender to create one necklace. This will also keep your necklaces from spinning around your neck throughout the day. Have a necklace that’s too long? I’ve been known to use a safety pin to shorten necklaces; you should give it a try!


10. Be Inspired

Inspiration is everywhere. Try looking to a friend or a celeb you love for ideas. Pinterest and instagram are also great places to look. Don’t be shy, start experimenting! If you're stuck try looking in your jewelry box, I'm sure you'll find necklaces you forgot about that will make great layered looks! I’d suggest no more than three necklaces at a time. Remember to have fun and express yourself!  

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<3 Efy


Want to look great? Get more styling tips here: (it's free!)