The Sideways Cross Necklace - What's this trend all about?

For a while now I’ve been enjoying, and at the same time finding myself being curious about this new trend that has been around for about 3-4 years. I thought I’d look into it a little bit more.

Today, the sideways cross necklace is one of the fashion symbols you see everywhere. It has taken the fashion market by storm, with the who is who in Hollywood donning it. I’m sure you have seen it in a fashion store, magazine, or in your on-line fashion escapades. One may ask, what is the power behind this massive acceptance of the sideways cross necklace? The answer is simple, POP CULTURE! We live in a world where, what a celebrity dons quickly becomes a top selling fashion fad.

Did you know that celebrity designer Kathy Rose is the pioneer of the sideways cross necklace? She is, and her earliest clients range from fashion trend setter Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. It is not surprising that, over the years the sideways cross necklace has rapidly grown in popularity.

Today, the sideways cross necklace is a top fashion item on most celebrities' wardrobes. Countless mega stars now don this Kathy Rose design. Some are household names like Selana Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Ripa, Kourtney Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens to name but a few.

Want to join the trend but have a desire for uniqueness? Want to find the perfect piece for your complexion? Well, there are different variations of the sideways cross necklace out there. They range from centered cross, simple cross, off centered cross and blingi rhinestone sideways crosses. You can get it in gold, silver or platinum, CZ or diamond encrusted.  Large or small, bracelet or necklace. By playing around with these variations, you not only stay up to date with fashion, you also express your personality and uniqueness.

Despite its fashion appeal, there is more to this necklace than just beauty. History has it that, the sideways cross has its roots in the life of Philip, an apostle of Jesus Christ. According to Carl G. Liungman's dictionary of symbols, Philip was crucified by the Romans in that position. In later years the cross was adopted by Nordic countries in their flags. Notable of these, is the Danish flag which has Philip's cross on it. Over the years, the sideways cross necklace has stirred up emotions in the Christian community. Many Christians view the cross as a form of revolt, against the very foundation of their faith.

In spite of the church's position on this necklace, its popularity continues to grow, even amongst staunch Christians. This can be attributed to reduced attachment to symbolism, by the contemporary Christian community. For instance, years back the sideways cross was viewed by Christians as contempt to Christ. Many believed that, it symbolized rebellion. Today many Christians are more liberal, and are less attached to literal symbolism.

To me this is a fun fashion statement. Everyone has their own special association with this loaded symbol.

What does it mean to you? Please share with me, this is a fascinating topic for me, as you can see.

Get one today, and step out in style!!


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