Designing the Bridesmaid and Bridal Party collection

I so often get asked by happy brides to be to create a set of necklaces for their bridesmaids and all the fabulous ladies in their bridal party.  I've making these for years, and have been so honored to participate in a woman's happiest day.  It's such a delight for me.  My little creations will be with in their wedding photos for eternity!  How cool is that!  And those ladies will remember that special day every time they put the necklace on.

I've long wanted to design a collection especially for the bridal party, that is a beautiful and cohesive way to browse through the different options that are great for bridesmaids.   I've been hard at work coming up with the ideal pieces that have some special meaning associated with getting married, like various eternity necklaces, infinity necklaces, and 'tying the knot' necklaces and bracelets.


One of the most special part of this process was creating the message cards that the jewelry will be presented on (if the bride so wishes.  There are other gift wrapping options available).  That took me several sleepless nights using all my favorite cherry blossom motifs and gorgeous colors, to really compliment the jewelry well and give a soft feeling to the special occasion.




I'll be debuting this bridal collection by October 2013 so please be sure to come back and check it out!


Please tell me what kinds of bridal party jewelry you'd like to see!

What do you guys think? 


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