The Initial Necklace is all the rage!

We live in a time when we want to personalize everything, and personalizing our jewelry is no different. Some of us want to personalize our jewelry with our own name or symbols meaningful to us. Others want to celebrate those they love most.


Initial necklaces and monogram necklaces are two lovely ways to customize our jewelry. But first, let me tell you the difference between these two. Initial necklaces are the ones that you can only place your initials or just the initial letter of your name while on a monogram necklace, you can have your name or initials interlaced into a single pendant in an ornate design. Adding a birthstone is yet another way to personalize the jewelry, not to mention our zodiac, or fun symbols to represent our pet, hobby, religion, and so on.

The trend for initial necklaces and birthstones originally started from the 14th to 16th century where it was a way to embed a certain message or ownership in a jewelry. This became a popular thing for ladies and men belonging in the high society and was a sign of status.

An initial necklace is a refined jewelry piece that effortlessly adds a classy touch to your wardrobe. In fact, a lot of Hollywood celebrities like Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are spotted wearing this to add a unique flair to their outfits. Because initial necklaces regained their popularity in the modern times, a lot of people nowadays- from celebrities to fashion forward women consider this as go-to jewelry. Are you looking for a personalized and a memorable gift for your loved ones? You can never go wrong with initial necklaces.

My favorite ways to present the initial necklace are: Gift for mom with kids initials, as a couples necklace for an anniversary gift, bridesmaids gifts, graduation gift, Bat-Mitzvah gift, Best Friends Gifts, and of course, gift for yourself with your favorite symbol!!

We stamp each and every piece by hand to order just for you, and send all our good energy your way inside the box.

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