Elephants, Owls, Dolphins and Doves! Oh My!

Did you know that animals possess many characteristics and qualities? Many of which symbolize wisdom and power. The deeper your connection gets with a certain animal, the more the meaning will become clear. Each animal is beautiful it it's own distinct way. 


If you love those beautiful dolphins you might see on a tropical vacation or in the summertime.. maybe it's because of their protective, playful and inner strength. Representing protection, a pod of dolphins once herded a pod of whales that hauled up in New Zealand back into the sea, saving the whales' lives. Through this one incident, dolphins have thus been known as protectors teaching us to save others as well as ourselves. Maybe you love dolphins because they remind people that we have to keep playing and remember what it means to be a child.



The elephant represents determination, loyalty, sensitivity and social connection. If you love elephants, it may be because you are one to stand up for other people, always wanting to defend. Maybe you love elephants because you are very fulfilling of personal responsibility. If you ever dream of elephants, it may mean that you are ready to face any challenges that are coming your way.


Owl - 

You might love owls if you find yourself to be a night person. The owl is an animal of the night and very attentive and alert. Owls also represent wisdom dating back to Ancient Greece when Athena (goddess of learning) had an owl as a symbol. The owl also symbolizes mystery, intelligence, protection and is a keeper of secrets.

Dove - 
Dove's are actually considered a symbol of motherhood because they produce their own milk. The dove symbolizes love, grace, devotion and purification. The dove also represents peace, comforting us at rough times. People sometimes release doves on their wedding day symbolizing hope.