Gift Giving for Dummies

Hey!   Are you short on time? 

Are you clueless about which of our 500+ designs is the right one for your special person?

Here's our most popular service, and it's absolutely FREE!

Simply answer these few short questions, email to and we will get back to you within 3 hours (during business hours) with our top 3 recommendations (in order) totally customized for you! 

We can even do a rush on your order!

You will knock her socks off and you won't spend hours doing it.

OK here we go:

*  Who is this gift for?  (example: wife / girlfriend / teacher/ mother / daughter / friend / young girl /  acquaintance / employee / employer / MIL / SIL )

*  is there a special occasion / reason?  (example: birthday, anniversary, birth,  graduation, bereavement, encouragement, in memory, Bat Mitzvah, Christening, Confirmation, bridal party, ass kissing .... )

* Would you describe her as Petite? Medium build? or large build?

* Do you picture her wearing simple dainty jewelry or statement / intricate pieces?

* Is she more trendy or more original in her choice of accessories?

* Does she have a metal preference?  (Gold tone / Gold filled / Sterling Silver / Silver Tone / no known preference) 

* Would she be into some personalization? (such as initial(s), date, name(s), special saying or phrase, sentiment of love)

* Would she be into incorporating a birthstone?

* What is the budget? (range is ok)

* If she has ordered from us in the past, and you would like to share her name, we can look up what she ordered in the past to clue us into her taste.

* When do you need it by?

Email these answers to and you will hear from us VERY shortly with our top 3 pics for your gift in order of preference :)
Stay tuned!!
<3 Efy and the team