Inspirational Motivational Encouragement Necklace For Niece, Sterling Silver + Bronze Heart Friend Gift

MEANINGFUL: Motivate her and show her you are there to help overcome challenging adversity. Whether she is fighting cancer, undergoing chemo, sick, in the hospital, facing loss, grief, sorrow, or any of life's challenges, show her your compassion with this positive message of empathy and support. This piece will remind her that she's a fighter who takes chances, and there is nothing she can't accomplish. For those struggling with self esteem, or going through divorce or hard time.


THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Packaged to protect the chain from tangling and the silver from tarnishing during shipment. It comes with everything you need to give the perfect gift including a gift bag, tissue paper, and a note card - takes just a minute to assemble! "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter than you think" - a reminder of the recipient's own inner strength. Give her something tangible to remind her how special she is and how much she is loved. An uplifting and encouraging gift for sisters, women, lover, girlfriend, wife, mother, friends, Valentine's or Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, graduation, get well.

QUALITY MATERIALS: All the metals we use are nickel free, and hypoallergenic. It won't turn your skin itchy or green or red. The chain is dainty but strong, and will not break on you! This inspirational piece will last a lifetime and won't cause harm to sensitive skin. You can feel confident to give this special gift and know it will be treasured for years to come! perfect for different outfits and occasions


100% GUARANTEE: Efy Tal Jewelry (the manufacturer) will replace or refund the necklace if you are unhappy with it for any reason, and there is a 5 year warranty on the chain. This means you can purchase with confidence that you're getting a quality item with outstanding customer service to back it up! EFYTAL will always adjust the length if needed.


UNIQUE: Each handcrafted pendant is unique and made with love, so you can be confident that you or loved one will be wearing something truly special. She will feel encouraged to go out boldly, make mistakes, live adventurously, start conversations, try new things, and will have faith that things will get better. Whenever she wears it, she will have a little reminder of your belief in her and her own power within. Makes great gift from aunt, mom or grandma.

Shipping FAQs:

When will my order ship?

Shipping is FREE on all domestic orders over $20! Orders generally ship within 7 days of purchase. If you're in a rush to receive the jewelry let us know ( and we can generally make every effort to ship it within 1-2 days. If you purchase expedited or next day shipping at checkout, your order is automatically shipped the same or next day depending on time of day the order was received.

You will receive an email notification when your order ships.

How do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship USPS. Orders within the US take 2-4 days to arrive from the day they are shipped. Orders overseas take anywhere from 7-21 days. (UPS and FedEx can be used for orders over $200)

How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping is FREE for orders over $20 (or $2.99 ~Flat Rate~ for orders under $20)

International shipping is $12.99 ~Flat Rate~ We ship to ~almost~ every country.

Returns FAQs

What if I don't like my purchase?

Don't worry! We would never want you to keep a piece that you're not going to wear or that you wouldn't be thrilled to give as a gift. If you don't love it, shoot us an email to Maybe it's a simple fix and we can modify the jewelry for you so it will be exactly how you want it. Maybe you or we will find a piece that will be more suited for you. But if you don't want us to modify or exchange it for you then you can just return it within 60 days for a full refund.

What if the length is too long or too short?

Well that's easy, we can easily shorten or lengthen any chain, no problemo.

Just pitch in $3 for the return shipping.

What if my jewelry breaks at some point?

If the chain breaks within the first 2 years we will replace it for you at no charge. After 2 years we will repair it for free if it's possible, or if not you can purchase a new chain. If the pendant or earring portion breaks (extremely rare) we will replace it for you (no matter when it happens) for free if we still make that style. If not we will issue you shop credit for equal value.

What if my jewelry tarnishes?

Sterling Silver and other metals can and do react with the air, beauty products, body chemistry, pool, ocean, hard water and soap scum. The speed of tarnish depends on where you live and how you care for the jewelry as well as your personal body chemistry and products you use. The nice thing is that it can be cleaned though!!

We are happy to clean your jewelry for you for life for no extra charge. Just pitch in $3 for the return shipping.

What if the jewelry is not exactly as described?

We try our absolute hardest to have accurate descriptions and measurements on each item. If you received anything that was not exactly as described or damaged in any way then needless to say we will replace / exchange it or you can return it within 60 days. (Or even if you just don't like it :) )

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