I started the company in 2007 with a humble mission of creating one of a kind, handmade pieces of jewelry that expressed the connection I felt to my friends, family and environment.
While the goal of expressing connection has never changed, the scale of the company has. It became apparent that so many others shared the same desire to express their connectedness and gratitude. I began to grow the company in an effort to fill that need. All of us have a need to feel connected – to our spouses, our parents, our children, our friends, our communities, our humanity. In this day and age of social media and quickly evolving technology, that connectedness is increasingly more precious.

While the jewelry is the core of what we do, the sentiment is just as important to us. Our team works diligently to design and create beautiful pieces of jewelry that are made to last, thoughtfully pairing it with gift messaging that is authentic and from-the-heart. Together, the jewelry, the thoughtful message, and our signature gift packaging creates a perfect presentation that makes the giver look like a rock star and tells the recipient exactly how much they are loved and appreciated.

When you order a piece of jewelry from one of our collections, you can relax in knowing that the recipient is going to absolutely love it -- and you will look like a hero!  For those rare occasions that it wasn't the perfect selection, we're right there with you to make sure you get the perfect piece.  We've got your back! In addition to our high-quality jewelry, meaningful message cards and signature packaging, our customer service is an integral part of our success. It’s why we are the first place so many go, to find meaningful gifts.

 Nothing makes us happier than hearing from customers that purchased EFYTAL jewelry to celebrate precious moments in their lives - a new baby, anniversaries, birthdays, new love, old love (FYI: jewelry is a great way to spice-up old love), dear friendships,  or showing appreciation and love to a bridesmaid celebrating that special day.  My team and I feel so lucky to play this small role in the lives of our customers!

The final piece of our recipe for success is our team of artists, designers, customer service maestros and our logistics geniuses. I could not do this without them! If I am the heart of this business, they are the soul! Together we spread good energy and love! 

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Efy and the Team