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Hi and Welcome!  I'm Efy Tal

My philosophy and guiding principal in jewelry and in life is 'Express Yourself'!  That's why I call my line Efy Tal Jewelry - Pure Expression

My Goal is to help us express ourselves to the world by showing our aesthetic style, what we stand for, and what's dearest to our heart.

I've been obsessed with jewelry since I was a little girl.  I would regularly day dream of a cave with a mountain of silver rings and a mountain of gold rings.  I would try on every single ring and prance around the cave.  I went to school with a ring on every finger, and HUGE earrings that I would have to hide in my backpack so that my mom wouldn't see them.  After school I would go to jewelry stores and plan out which pieces I will someday own. Of course it was just a matter of time before I started making my own jewelry which I started in high school and have continued ever since.

I originally started designing the kind of pieces that I wanted to wear in the quest to express myself, combining all my favorite elements.  I love large bold pieces, but I also love beauty, aesthetics, eastern motifs and the natural form, so you'll see that my pieces contain all these elements together.  Elegant flowers, animals, branches, trees, blossoms, that's what inspires me.  I always aim to help women feel empowered, sexy, yet feminine in my designs.


When I had my precious little baby Lia in Oct 2012, I finally saw what being a mother is all about and what I had been missing all this time.  My inspiration turned inward and I became that sentimental person that I never thought I would be :)  I became all about my family and the people that I love.  Wanting to keep them close to my heart I started creating my initial necklaces.  Who knew that so many other people feel the same way! 



That's what life is all about, isn't it!  Keeping those we love close to us, and sharing this good energy and love with others.


Random facts about me:

  • my minor in college was piano performance
  • I have skydived, bungee jumped, paraglided and gone caving
  • 2 years of my life were spent salsa dancing 5 times a week
  • been to over 50 countries
  • I was a bar tender for 5 months

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from happy customers that used my pieces to celebrate precious moments in their lives - a new baby, anniversaries, birthdays, new love, dear friendships, showing appreciation and love to a bridesmaid celebrating that special day.  Wow, I feel so privileged!

Thank you all so much for your continued support, for coming back again and again, for interacting with me on facebook, for bouncing off the energy I send out. 

Together we spread good energy and love!

We work out of our studios in Glen Rock, New Jersey and San Carlos California. 

Here is a 30-sec video about our family and what drives me each day.



Efy and the team

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