Customer Care, FAQs and my Personal Guarantee

What is your guarantee? 

My personal guarantee to you is that you will be 100% happy with your purchase!  What does this mean? If you're not happy with what you received for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied.  We will offer to alter /fix /change whatever it was you didn't like and if none of our suggestions suit you, you'll be able to exchange or return the jewelry within 60 days for a full refund.  

Have a question about anything at all?  Send us an email  You'll be surprised how quickly we respond!

When will my order ship?

Orders generally ship within 7 days of purchase.  If you're in a rush to receive the jewelry let us know ( and we can generally make every effort to ship it within 1-2 days.  If you purchase expedited or next day shipping at checkout, your order is automatically shipped the same or next day depending on time of day the order was received.

You will receive an email notification when your order ships.

How do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship USPS.  Orders within the US take 2-4 days to arrive from the day they are shipped.  Orders overseas take anywhere from 7-21 days.  (UPS and FedEx can be used for orders over $200)

How much is shipping?

Domestic standard shipping over $50 is now FREE! :) :)

Domestic shipping for orders under $50 is $2.99 ~Flat Rate~

International shipping is $12.99 ~Flat Rate~  We ship to ~almost~ every country.

Do you charge tax?

Sales tax is collected for customers in New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

Do you gift wrap?

Yes! All jewelry is automatically and beautifully gift wrapped for free!

take a look at our 30-second gift wrapping video :)

 How do you make your pieces?

 check out this 30-second video showing how we handcraft your pieces


What if I don't like my purchase?

Don't worry!  We would never want you to keep a piece that you're not going to wear or that you wouldn't be thrilled to give as a gift.  If you don't love it, shoot us an email to  Maybe it's a simple fix and we can modify the jewelry for you so it will be exactly how you want it.  Maybe you or we will find a piece that will be more suited for you.  But if you don't want us to modify or exchange it for you then you can just return it within 60 days for a full refund.

What if the length is too long or too short?

Well that's easy, We can easily shorten or lengthen any chain, no problemo.

Just pitch in $3 for the return shipping.  

Oh by they way, have you seen our awesome removable and adjustable extender?  You can clasp this onto any chain to get up to 2" of additional length:

What size initial should I get?

Please be sure to check the size of the initial that you're getting.  Most of the round initials are 10mm (small).  Some of the listings may offer bigger initials for $4 (medium) and $8 (large) more, but if you don't see that option shoot us an email at and we'll hook you up with the bigger sizes.  (we reply fast don't worry)

Here is a chart of the disc sizes.

What length chain should I get?

Check out this handy length guide.  Note: This model is petite with a small frame so err on the longer side if you're not sure.

14" is only good for children or very petite women who want a ~ choker ~.

16" is still really short and also only recommended for petite women who want a very short chain.

18" works well for most women.

If you'd like longer than 18", order 1 of these listings to extend the chain length by 2 inches for 20" or 2 of them for 22":

What if I want to add an extra stone or charm?

You can do it all!  Take a look at the 'Misc. Add-ons' section under 'Shop Jewelry'.  You'll see all the various stones, charms, initials, symbols you can add to your necklace to personalize it. 

What if my jewelry breaks at some point?

If the chain breaks within the first 2 years we will replace it for you at no charge.  After 2 years we will repair it for free if it's possible, or if not you can purchase a new chain.    If the pendant or earring portion breaks (extremely rare) we will replace it for you (no matter when it happens) for free if we still make that style.  If not we will issue you shop credit for equal value.  

What is the jewelry made out of?

We use all different materials so please read the item description carefully.

With the exception of our brass line which is clearly labeled, all our chains and ear wires are made of 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled.  The Initial Necklaces and Bracelets are all 925 sterling silver or 14k gold filled (both chain and pendants).

The other pendants might be made of Sterling Silver, Vermeil (gold over sterling silver), Gold over alloy, Silver over alloy, brass or white bronze.  All the materials are clearly outlined in the item description.  We don't use lead, cadmium or nickel.

What is 14k Gold Filled?

Gold Filled Jewelry - also known as "rolled gold" is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to another metal such as brass.  It is 50 times thicker than regular plating.  It does not 'peel' or 'rub' off.  There is no better metal for gold jewelry short of real gold.  It wears like gold and customers don't experience any problems with it, and enjoy it for years. 

What if my jewelry tarnishes?

Sterling Silver and other metals can and do react with the air, beauty products, body chemistry, pool, ocean, hard water and soap scum.  The speed of tarnish depends on where you live and how you care for the jewelry as well as your personal body chemistry and products you use.  The nice thing is that it can be cleaned though!! 

We are happy to clean your jewelry for you for life for no extra charge.  Just pitch in $3 for the return shipping.  

My absolute favorite tarnish remover in the world is EMPIRE tarnish remover which you can get at Otto Frei.

How do I take care of my jewelry and clean it?

It's best to avoid sleeping, showering, swimming and exercising with ~any~ jewelry.   Water pressure from showers, hard water, soap scum, chlorine, salt and sweat just erode the delicate metal over time.  Can you do it?  Sure but to extend the life of your jewelry as long as possible just avoid it whenever possible.  

It's best to keep the jewelry inside *dry* mini ziplock bags.  If you want a couple bags just ask us, we'll send a couple with your order.

My absolute favorite tarnish remover in the world is EMPIRE tarnish remover which you can get at Otto Frei.

Is the jewelry going to turn my skin green or give me a rash?

We have never had this happen.  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled do not typically cause any reactions with even the most sensitive of skins. 

What if my package is lost in the mail?

It's rare for packages to get lost in transit but it does happen.  I would say about 1 out of 1000 packages domestically and 1 out of 100 packages internationally from my experience.

We charge the absolute minimum for shipping (FREE shipping for $50+ orders, ($2.99 domestic for smaller orders) and $12.99 international) and we don't purchase insurance for the packages so that we can keep your shipping cost as low as possible.  If you don't want to take the risk, just contact us at to request to purchase insurance.  Officially we are not responsible for packages lost in transit.   

For a single item we will usually send you another piece (one) but ask you to pay for the shipping again so we don't lose our shirt and eat it too.

Will I be charged customs charges if I'm not in the US?

Potentially.  We do declare the actual value of the parcel and mark it as - E-Commerce -> Fashion Accessory (not gift).  Whether or not you are charged customs depends on your country/port/luck but that fee is your responsibility.  If you refuse the package because you do not wish to pay the customs fee, a 25% restocking fee will be assessed.   

What if the jewelry is not exactly as described?

We try our absolute hardest to have accurate descriptions and measurements on each item.  If you received anything that was not exactly as described or damaged in any way then needless to say we will replace / exchange it or you can return it within 60 days.  

Is this site secure?

This site is hosted and operated by Shopify (Secure E-commerce platform).  All credit card transactions are processed through Shopify which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.  You can shop with confidence. 

Who is Efy Tal?

Hey! I'm Efy!! check out the 'About Efy' page!!

Have a question about anything at all?  Send us an email  You'll be surprised how quickly we respond!

Thank you so much for your business!

<3 Efy and the team

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