Do lucky charms actually have special powers?

Do lucky charms actually have special powers? As it turns out, all you have to do is believe. 


Talismans have a rich global history. During the prehistoric period, charms were used to ward off bad luck. The Ancient Egyptians wore amulets, like scarab beetles, to protect themselves against death and evil spirits. Evil eyes, which were worn to avert any destructive glances, date back 5,000+ years. And another ancient Middle Eastern amulet, the Hamsa hand, was considered by many to symbolize the hand of God and to bring luck and protection. The story of another popular lucky charm, the iron horseshoe, dates back to 10th century Ireland, where a Saint made a deal with the devil that the devil would not enter any home that had a horseshoe hung above the door. 


You might notice that many of these lucky charms are still used today, even in countries far away from their points of origin. Due to trade routes and, later, globalization, talismans that would’ve once existed to ward off evil within a certain community of people are now recognized by many around the world as good luck charms, even if the original reasoning behind their alleged power is not widely known. 

evil eye bracelet 

While many talismans have rich histories, it is now common practice to bestow lucky properties on many personal items, including certain pieces of clothing, jewelry, or even sporting equipment (like a baseball pitcher having a “lucky glove”). What is the psychological mechanism that encourages humans to believe in lucky charms? 


According to studies, the activation of superstitious thinking right before the performance of a task can boost a person’s confidence in his or her ability to succeed at the task, which then boosts the person’s expectations of themselves as well as their persistence in performing the given task. In other words, when a lucky charm helps a person believe that they have luck on their side, they will expect more out of themselves and therefore try harder at success for a longer amount of time than they would have without the lucky charm. When they try harder, they perform better, and therefore experience favorable results. A favorable outcome will reinforce the belief that the lucky charm is in fact lucky, and the cycle will persist. 

So, while lucky charms probably don’t have innate powers, believers who are in possession of lucky charms have increased self-confidence, which can, in many cases, lead to success. In that case, anything can be a lucky charm, and we love that idea! While any of our special pieces could be your next talisman, we’d like to suggest a few of our favorites: 


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Rainbows can represent hope and beauty after the storm. Our Hope necklace features a beautifully designed linear rainbow, which would serve as an amazing lucky charm for someone who needs a bit of encouragement to believe in themselves after a rough patch. Wearing this necklace will remind them that life’s biggest challenges can lead to beautiful things. 


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